We live in a time of high-resolution, mammoth frameworks, pay-to-win schemes, and cocky no-code developers. It’s time to take a break from all of that, and code like its 1979! Though it was a little before my time, I have always respected the Atari 2600. My system of choice is the NES, but there is … Continue reading DRAFT**GETTING STARTED WITH ATARI 2600 DEVELOPMENT

Iteration 3-C testing / evaluation

6/4/19 – finished june 12 # Fedora deployment note: Noticed that, at about the time that deployment of fedoragsearch.war finishes, a directory called /home/gsp is created with a few subdirectories. Seems unneccesarry. Will need to study to find out why. SOLUTION: Rewrote entire solr / fgs installation process. Startup logs only the following minor warnings. … Continue reading Iteration 3-C testing / evaluation