Moving again.

I have accepted a position with The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. My last day with Sensus, Inc. was Friday, and my first day at UNCG will be Monday, April 16.

I wish I could spend the next 7 days relaxing and preparing for day 1, but I have decided against commuting from Raleigh day-to-day, and my lease at my current apartment is already up. So, time to move BACK to Greensboro.

As of this writing, I have my apartment about 50% packed, and I have decided on a pleasant two bedroom apartment near the Greensboro Arboretum.

The leasing agent anticipates that my lease papers will be ready by tomorrow for signing, and Thursday will be my target move-in date.

In the next few minutes, ill see about booking my moving truck, and possibly some moving help. Thankfully my furniture is pretty easy to handle.

I’ll miss Raleigh (again) but as before, I am not too far away and I plan to visit my Triangle friends often.

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